#AskGaryVee Episode 237: Eating Shit for 24 Months, Doing What You Love & Monetizing Your Strengths


But I’m a cabinet designer and I have the opportunity to basically go work for a very high-end firm and try to continue to do my own stuff. And become a rep, all of these opportunities are coming all at once and I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance them all without […]

But I’m a cabinet designer
and I have the opportunity to basically go work for a
very high-end firm and try to continue to do my own stuff. And become a rep, all of these
opportunities are coming all at once and I’m trying to figure
out the best way to balance them all without basically–
– Burning out. – [Candice] suffocating myself.
Yes, exactly, burning out. – So let’s work backwards. And this is what
everybody needs to do. It’s so easy to make decisions
when you have clarity on what you want to happen. And what you
want to happen is always short-term
and long-term. So, talk to me about what would you like
to happen in the macro from a financial,
work-life balance and the kind of things that
you want. It’s just choices. Right Candice,
life is very simple. Because I chose that I want to
own the New York Jets my work-life balance is not as good
as it would be if I was okay with where I am now, right? I don’t know if you saw
the news of the PureWow deal. I wouldn’t be buying this big
media company because I’m rich enough already if I wanted
to be just rich. Right? No, I want to buy a football
team thus I have to be on the offense at 41 years old
like I have nothing and I’m 20. Got it?
So, the biggest thing– – [Candice] No,
I totally understand. – Help me understand the
financial situation of all this. Do you want to
make lots of money? Like your financial situation. Do you have to make the money? Where are you in
your life with family? How much vacation
time do you want to do? And what you want to end up? Work backwards.
Give me some data. – [Candice] So, right now
we’re basically an empty nester. Both of our
children are in college. – That’s huge. Gives you a lot of flexibility.
– [Candice] Very huge. – Yep. – [Candice] Yes, ideally like
my big picture scheme is I would like to get into house flipping and doing airBnBs
and stuff like that. Because again, being a cabinet
designer I look at all these people that flip houses around
here and go I know I could do that so much better.
– I love that. And I think it’s going to be
a great market until the real estate market, you just gotta
not get caught when you’ve got momentum going in two or
three years of having too much inventory that you’re sitting on
and then the market gets soft. So long as there’s not a
collapse of the housing or Wall Street market, you’re going
to cruise and as long as your conservative and don’t get
too big for your britches that you’re doing and
buying and flipping. Don’t overextend yourself even
in a crash as long as you’re playing with house
money, you’ll be fine. – [Candice] Right. That’s part of my problem in
looking at the big picture is is right now we’re a
little bit in debt. Again, if I bust my tail
for the next year I could get us completely out of debt and– – So, let’s, let’s,
let’s, let’s start right there. Immediately do that. I can tell by your
energy and your vibe, work your face off
for the next year and get yourself out of debt. Take all the jobs.
Do all the things. Punt everything
leisure right now, do that. That’s just a good idea.
– [Candice] Right. – I mean it.
– [Candice] And then– – I mean it.
– [Candice] Oh, I believe it. – And by the way,
one year is nothing. DRock and I were just sitting
in a hotel in Vegas saying, “Hey, this DailyVee
thing is going to be big.” It was five seconds ago. That was one year ago.
One year goes real fast. Debt compounds. There’s no reason to have it
if you’re that close and your energy feels so good that
you want to do work anyway, it’s like eat that crow
for one year, period, no doubt. 100%. And be smart. Speed up the process to
nine months by not buying eight dollar lettuce
instead of six dollar lettuce. Like flip some
shit in your garage. All that stuff. Just make that your
core number one thing, definitely do that.
That’s number one. – [Candice] Yeah, no,
I was waiting for you to drop the eBay thing.
– Yep. – [Candice] ‘Cause I was
telling my husband ’cause he’s really good. He likes old school
cars and stuff like that. He knows that stuff like back
of his hand and I’m like okay, you need to figure that out. – Yes. Yes, yes, yes. – [Candice] Thrift
stores and stuff like that. – Yes, okay.
Do that. – [Candice] Yeah, so that’s my
big picture thing is trying to figure how to get there and also
because once we get out of debt, I’m trying to figure
out how to balance that. Do I go take out loans?
– No. Let me tell you what I would do. Let me tell you what I’d do. The housing market’s been good
for long enough here’s my advice as if you were my sister. Crush your debt, go crazy. Your husband if he’s deeply
knowledgeable about automobiles will be blown away and you live
in Atlanta which means year wide garage sales and things of that
nature because the warm weather. He’s by accident gonna make 20, 30, $40,000. It’s gonna happen,
I’m telling you right now. Now that’s based on if he works like I do
which is all-in, right? If we works less then he’ll
make $5,000 instead of $30,000. Clear your debt,
year one, year two, 2018, work your face
off and save money. Right? Save and then
whatever you save, let’s say you got $48,000, great that means that’s
your down payment and then get mortgage on your
rest for your first flip. Got it?
– [Candice] Right. – 24 months of
eating shit to be able to eat caviar for
the rest of your life. – [Candice] Yeah ’cause that’s
my big picture is I want to be able to when “retire” and
I say that very loosely because I don’t want to work
for a paycheck anymore. I just want to work
because I enjoy working. – The best way to do
that is to go extreme. Everybody’s going to try to drag
that out over eight years and take a vacation here, make $5,000 on eBay
instead of $20,000. Work one of the jobs,
not two of the jobs. The best way to do it is,
you’re never promised tomorrow. Even though I
talk about patience, I’m aware that you’re
not promised tomorrow. When you can do
something, do it. So crush the next
24 months, clean debt, get 10, 15, 20, 50, $80,000 in savings whatever it ends
up being, that is your deposit. Get the mortgage for whatever
else you can and do the flip and if that doesn’t get you the
house for your first flip then eat another pile of shit in 2019
and now you’ve got $90,000 for the deposit and
then you put that down. Got it?
– [Candice] Oh yeah. – That’s it.
It’s clouds and dirt. It’s going all-in for the
next 24 months and not being glamorous so that you can be glamorous for the
rest of the way. The problem is everybody hedges
and then they’re half-pregnant the whole 50 years. – [Candice] No, and
that’s what I don’t want to be. I’m like you, I’m about
the same age and I’m like okay, it’s full speed ahead now
because I don’t wake up in 20 years or 10 years and go
ugh, we’re still here. Really? – Attack, attack all three jobs. Don’t watch a single
thing don’t go anywhere, work for the next 24
months, you will win. – [Candice] Gotcha. – All right, love you.
See ya. – [Candice] Alright,
thank you, sir. – Bye-bye.
– [Candice] Bye. – That was really good.
(group laughter)


I did some start up business, some small stuff. I’ve been sitting in the same job from last six years growing, seeking out mentors, been doing my thing. I’ve been trying out the eBay thing and I just got hit yesterday when I first couple sales so I’m super stoked on that and thankful for […]

I did some start up
business, some small stuff. I’ve been sitting in the same
job from last six years growing, seeking out mentors,
been doing my thing. I’ve been trying out the
eBay thing and I just got hit yesterday when I first couple
sales so I’m super stoked on that and thankful for that. Shit, dude, I’m
fucking stoked right now. (group laughter) No, you know what, man? Before I ask the question,
I just want to say thank you for everything you do, man. I frickin’, I throw your name
out there anytime somebody stops five second to
listen to me say it. Everything that you
offer is frickin’ huge, man. My brothers, friends, coworkers,
I’m like Gary Vaynerchuk. They’re like Gary, Gary who? I’m like look him up right now,
follow everything he does. – Thank you, man. – [Jesse] So anyways,
I’m doing all the stuff. I’m everywhere right now
and I’m trying to figure out what is the next step. I’m mean I’m trying freaking
anything and I’m not in it, you know, I want to make money. I want you want
to be successful. – Of course. – [Jesse] There’s
no doubt about that. – But you want to be happy.
– [Jesse] Exactly. – You don’t want to buy–
– [Jesse] Not chasing money. – Not everybody wants
to buy the Jets. Right? And by the way,
by the way actually this, man this is the call-in
show is gonna be great. If I, if I want, if I didn’t love what I do
all 19 hours a day, then I wouldn’t be talking
shit about buying the Jets. I got lucky that the thing that I love most is
building big businesses. – [Jesse] Right. – If I loved, you know, being an
architect more than anything in life and that’s
what I gravitated to. Legos and
drawing when I was six, seven, nine, 12, 13 instead
of selling lemonade and selling flowers and selling
baseball cards then I would just be talking about coming
the greatest architect of all time and that wouldn’t
have maybe trillions. That would have made me
successful and rich and I get it or very honestly if I was wired,
by the way and this is why you like me so much, if I didn’t
have the DNA of a salesman and entrepreneur, I would
be a guidance counselor. – [Jesse] Right. – I love, I live for, bro, do
you know how much money I leave on the table by giving you this, by doing what
I’m doing right now? I’m leaving a lot. And by the way, it’s not
because I’m such a great guy. It’s because hearing you say
that in the beginning of this call is a greater high for me than any deal I’ve
ever closed in business. And that’s not
even close by the way. Having another human being
tell you that you’re having a positive impact on their life. I promise you this, you’re not
coming to my funeral because I made $1.7 trillion
in my career. You’re coming to my funeral
because I might have made you $1,700 more and tweaked you in
a place where you had 49 more years of happiness.
– [Jesse] Right. – Dude, honestly this is very
simple to answer your question. That’s why I went on
the little bit of a rant. What do you like
when you’re not working? Build a business around that. – [Jesse] Right.
– Like what you like? I gotta tell you right now
this whole VaynerSports thing, I’m getting scared. I might shut it all down.
I’m in love with it. Havin’ these football
players sit at VaynerMedia. Jon Toth yesterday,
offensive lineman, center for Kentucky going to be, he’s going to be on
the Packers in six months. It’s the weirdest thing. Alvin Kamara is gonna rush
for 137 yards on a Sunday and I’m gonna be like, “Wait a
minute, that’s my dude.” It’s crazy and I love it
and watching AJ’s happiness. He’s not gonna make anywhere
close to as much as he did at VaynerMedia but watching
the happiness in his heart, what do you like? Surfing?
What do you like? T-shirts?
What do you like? Hip hop?
What do you like? – [Jesse] I think
that I like, to be honest, for a while it’s like an
extreme sports thing but now what is is building people. That’s what I like. I like seeing other
people be successful. – And I think you know this,
I’m very scared of the life coach business because I think people are
ripping people off. So as long as you
feel good about it. Here’s an idea, what
about starting a club? What about, what about… Dude, there’s so
much shit you can do. Let me throw you rogue ass shit. Why don’t you get a job at night
at a restaurant where you tell the owner that you want to work
as a bartender because you want to start a club in his
restaurant or her restaurant every Wednesday night for
aspiring entrepreneurs or for people that want
to live better lives. So the exchange is I, who am
way over qualified for this job, am going to work here three
nights a week and I’m going to meet people that come here and I’m gonna start a
club in your restaurant. And then what you’re going to do
is once you test out what a club and group together at
a restaurant looks like, you may then go get investors
or buy your own or save money or sell everything on
eBay and get your own. Do shit is the answer. Do you understand?
– [Jesse] Right. Totally, and on that the
craziest shit about what you just said is
that today at 11:30, I actually orchestrated three
weeks ago starting a club at my business, the company that
I work at and the first day of the club starts today. We’re going into leadership
and I’m going to help do my best help and learn from other
people in the company who want to be bigger, who want to be better,
who want to do more and not just to work. – Can I ask you a question?
– [Jesse] Absolutely. – Off of that,
what just happened, When do you think the world’s
gonna realize that I’m actually a genie from a different planet? That stuff freaks me
out when, it’s so cool. Anyway, listen, my man,
keep focusing on this. I like vibe of your voice. That’s one of
the reasons, I kinda, I’m very big on tone and energy. That’s why the call-in show is
going to be better because when I read it,
I don’t have the tone. I can tell the goodness
coming out of your mouth. I can feel it.
Let me tell you this. It sounds like
you’re fairly young, how old are you? 29?
– [Jesse] 26. – Good.
Patience, brother. Keep doing good, keep bringing
people value and don’t think about what’s in it for you. What’s in it for you will happen
when you are purely pushing to bring people value.
Shit just happens. – [Jesse] Hell yeah.
– And you got time, brother. You’ve got five years, do me
a favor don’t try to charge a $1,000 a head or
$500 a month, do this. Just keep bringing value and
I’m telling you for five years online and offline, random,
just keep bringing value. It will also work itself out,
you’ve got a lot of time to cash in on doing that could move. – [Jesse] That’s what
I’m going to do. – Alright brother, take care. – [Jesse] You too, bye.
– Bye.


– Love it. – [Jayson] On and off, been good. I want to do niche based website design for different avenues. – Yep. – [Jayson] And I’m trying to build my portfolio but it’s like, you know, the competition is so big. So, I’m trying to figure out how do I monetize that and I […]

– Love it. – [Jayson] On and off,
been good. I want to do niche based website
design for different avenues. – Yep. – [Jayson] And I’m trying
to build my portfolio but it’s like, you know, the
competition is so big. So, I’m trying to figure out
how do I monetize that and I want to teach
younger people as well to do it and code and things like that and provide jobs because I’m good at what
I do as far as designing. But how do I– – So let’s start,
first thing’s first, before you start teaching
other people how to do it, we need you to be ridiculously
successful so that you can afford to teach people to do it
otherwise you’re gonna charge them too much to teach them
to do it and then it’ll break. Got it?
– [Jayson] Yes. – So let’s start with this,
you want to build websites in a specific niche or just in
general you know that everybody in the world needs a website and that the
long tail of niche stuff, it’s a lot easier to get Joe The
Plumber to build his website than Pepsi. Is that
what you’re saying? – [Jayson] Yes.
– Good. So how much do you want
to charge to build somebody’s website that’s a small business or an entrepreneur
or an influencer? What’s a nice range? – [Jayson] Nice range is
about $300-400 but I’d like a subscription base
like $25 a month. In Atlanta, I lived
in Atlanta for a while, a lot of barber shops. – And so, are you, so
you want to do the whole, I’ll charge you $500 to
build your website and then $25 a month maintenance
recurring so you have recurring revenue in
case they need you and that’s how you scale it, right? – [Jayson] Yes.
– Okay. So are you building on top
of WordPress and Squarespace and things of that
nature and Shopify, that’s why you’re able to– – [Jayson] Yeah.
– Great. My man, I’m gonna give you a
piece of advice that is 100% and the only reason you won’t be
successful is ’cause you’re not hungry enough
and you’re too lazy. You ready?
– [Jayson] Yes. – Good. I want you
to go to Instagram. Are you watching
me on Instagram? – [Jayson] Yes, I am.
– Good. I want you to stop
watching me on Instagram, I want you to start this process
and I want you to do it for five to seven hours a day.
You ready? – [Jayson] Yes. – I want you to
search a hashtag, I want you to go
to the search up top, I want you to
search grocery store, local butcher, plumber. When you search it,
there’ll be a hashtag. And then I want you to spend 25
minutes hitting every picture that has the hashtag plumber
and see if it’s the account of a plumbing company or a plumber
who has a small business. I want you to then click the
URL that is linked that person’s account and look
at their website. If they have a good website,
leave him alone. If their website is shit, I want
you to go back into Instagram and hit the top right corner
triple buttons on that person’s profile and send
them a message and say, “Yo, this is me. “I’m the best at small
business website design. “You’re website is not on point. “I’ve got a thing
that’s $500 up front, “$25 a month and you will crush
it and you will return on that “investment in one day,
let alone one year because your “website will be stronger that
you’re linked to on Instagram “and you’ll convert better.” And I want you to do that for
five to seven hours every single day which means that you’ll
message between 70 and 250 people a day and you
will do a lot of business. – [Jayson] Man, thank you.
– You’re welcome. – [Jayson] I’m on it right now.
– Good. – [Jayson] I’m on it right now. Follow up in a few
months and I’ll let you know. – Done.
– [Jayson] Thank you.

What is your small business solution?
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